As businesses go online or at least use online resources for management of customers and their data, there are greater regulatory pressures that they face when it comes to data protection. Multi -national companies have million dollar budgets for cyber security and a slew of other IT products, but how can small businesses cope with regulatory burdens? The answer lies in a technology risk assessment.

Our Technology Risk Advisory services

Contrary to common belief that technology risk exists only for the large companies, smaller  or medium businesses are likely to be targeted by cyber attackers because IT infrastructure is comparatively weaker in these organizations. It is imperative that you strengthen your IT infrastructure.

IT experts at SAV Associates can conduct an IT audit to review your IT infrastructure and identify weaknesses in the system.  We can make recommendations for strengthening the IT systems and policies.

If you are looking procure new IT solutions and hardware, we can also assist in analysing business software, their utility, value addition to existing processes as well as its financial impact on business.

SAV Associates also conducts IT Attestations and analysis of business system controls for businesses that need to show compliance to regulatory bodies. If your business requires an IT attestation, please contact us.

Technology Risk Advisory

In today’s environment, Information Technology is a key enabler to realize business objectives.  An effective and well-managed IT can bring a competitive advantage. Our IT admins and consultants can analyze your business’s current IT structure and create a right sized IT plan for future growth.

List of Services

  • IT Internal Audit
  • IT Attestation
  • Business Systems Controls
  • IT Analysis and Implementation
  • ERP Advisory
  • System Selection – Decision to buy a new business software
  • Project Assurance for new software implementations or major enhancements
  • IT Strategy and Governance
  • IT Strategy & Performance
  • Information Security and Privacy Services
  • IT Architecture & Infrastructure
  • Business Continuity Management